How to Save Your Laptop After a Spill

If it’s water or alcohol, let me guide you through some basic tips to wipe out all the liquid to save your laptop after a spill. These tactics are personally tested by us and other hundreds of users, that’s why we are posting the steps on this blog to let the world know some basic steps to avoid permanent damage to your system.

There are not so great chances to save it if it’s spill with coffee or drinks because they kind of stick with the internal part and won’t get dry anytime soon. So, better to visit the nearby store or repair shop as soon as possible to get the liquid out of your system.

All these steps must be followed within the minutes of getting the system wet, don’t wait for any miracle to happen, just do it quickly without getting any panic attacks because all the steps are simple and anyone can perform them with ease. Don’t rush for anything to bring sudden heat or try to evaporate the liquid, instead, use a dry cloth to wipe out the water.

Let us clear all the steps into two major categories, Do’s and Don’ts. Do’s stand for the things you have to do in this case, whereas, Don’ts means that you don’t have to do such things.


These are the steps you must have to follow if you want to save your laptop from a spill, don’t worry, all the steps are easy and anyone can follow them for the goods.

Disconnect the System

Press the power button for 10 seconds, it will turn off your system no matter what program you’re working with. It will completely turn off your desktop and let you perform the other actions.

Unplug Wires

Remove all the connected devices from your laptop, whether it’s a USB Drive or Wired Keyboard/Mouse. Unplug everything and start cleaning the ports with a dry piece of cloth. We recommend you use hand towels for better results.

Remove Battery

If your device has a removable battery, then eject the batter out of your laptop and make sure it isn’t dry or made any connection with the water. Because if the battery is the most vulnerable part of your laptop and score the highest chance of permanent damage if hits the water.

Hardware Cleaning

Any hardware part which is removable on your go, remove it to save from the touch of water. Most in cases, Hard-disk and Batteries are removable and you can easily take them out by putting in the effort. Once you remove them, clean with a dry cloth and check for any obvious liquid.

Flip the Laptop

Turn the laptop upside-down and shake it a bit to let the remaining water comes out through the vents or available space between the buttons. Don’t make an extreme shake or the water will spread all over the system.

Let it Rest

Wide-open your laptop screen as stretchable as it is, turns it upside-down, and let it lay on the clean towel. Leave the laptop for 4-5 hours or as long as for 2 days, if possible, let nature help you to evaporate the liquid out of your system.


Here are a few things you should take care of, don’t be over smart with the technology to solve it on your own, you own a laptop doesn’t mean you know everything about it. Let the professionals advise you a bit about their experiences.

Don’t Panic

It’s just water, don’t let your brain panic for a second. You must have to follow the above steps in hurry, but don’t let it override your brain and hits you with a sudden panic attack. Believe that you can save your laptop after a spill and you will.

Don’t open the system

Never try to open the case or bolts of your laptop on your own, seek the help of any professional or visit the nearby repair shop because they have tools to dry the system, which you might not have at home.

Using of Hairdryer

This won’t work unless the water is only spilled over the screen, not into the system. If you use the dryer on the wet system, the chances of having a short circuit are way more.

Rice Hacks

That’s just a myth, it won’t work even if you leave your laptop into a sack of rice for a week. This will ruin all the ports of your device the rice grain will surely stick into all the ports and leads you to another serious problem.


So this was all about how you can save your laptop after a spill of water or any other liquid. Don’t panic and follow the mentioned steps at ease level, if it doesn’t seem good to you or feel heavy to perform all on your own, try visiting a nearby repair shop for better results.

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