What Is YouTube Shorts? How To Create Shorts Video?

As we all know, TikTok has swept away the world of the young generation by enthralling them to express themselves easily by sharing short videos and stolen the potential future of digital media. From time to time, we have seen that when a renowned platform starts to age monotonicity, it launches something new, something “cool” for the younger minds to capture and play with.

YouTube followed the same suit. It saw the trend going on TikTok and understood that in order to maintain its position on top of the video creation wave, it has to catch the youth’s attention that has been hogging on TikTok, and hence YouTube Shorts were born!

Initially, the YouTube Shorts tool came as a closed beta for the Indian audience so as to capitalize on TikTok’s ban in India leaving a great opportunity in the market for YouTube to convert into new users.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a way for people who want to connect with a new set of audiences by using just their smartphones and the Shorts camera introduced by the YouTube app. Just like TikTok, YouTube Shorts are also vertical format videos, but they have a maximum duration of 60 seconds.

The shorts can be uploaded through the YouTube Shorts app. Another way is they can also be uploaded as any normal video by tagging #shorts in the description or the title of that video. These videos are arrayed on the stories box under suggested videos on mobile devices.

When YouTube Shorts were first published in India, a special Shorts camera exclusively for making shorts videos was introduced by creators, albeit in only certain regions. Fortunately, India falls under one of those locations, so content creators have the benefit of recording in a multi-segment Shorts camera within the YouTube app.

Although it is quite like TikTok, containing tools to make 15-second videos as well, by using music clips, speed controls, etc. Most YouTubers are waiting for a more comprehensive rollout of this feature. But until that day, YouTube thrives to make Shorts more and more accessible by letting vertical videos of less than 60 seconds to publish.

How Do I Create YouTube Shorts?

Creating a Shorts video is quite simple, and watching one is simpler. You can make shorts in the YouTube Mobile app if you click the + icon present at the bottom of the homepage and then choose “Create a Short”. Although there’s another way to do that.

You can also upload a vertical video of length less than 60 seconds and tag it in the description or title #shorts. If you use the Shorts feature via mobile, it gives a limited number of tools to help with content creation. Although you can speed up your recording as well as the time it for hands-free footage.

If you choose to upload your shorts in the form of a normal video, then it offers you a little more flexibility to record a vertical video so that you can edit the video just like any normal video along with music, transitions, overlays, and much more. YouTube identifies Shorts videos created using a smartphone, DSLR, iPad, or any other video-recording device for that matter. Your smartphone or desktop computer is enough if you are ready to upload the video.

  • Sign-in to YouTube on Mobile App.
  • Click + button then tap Create A Short.
  • Tap on the Record button to start recording.
  • Click on Done to preview and edit your video.
  • Then, click on NEXT to add more details.
  • Finally, tap UPLOAD to upload your YouTube Short.


As a matter of fact, it is not necessary to include #shorts in every video’s title or description. YouTube promotes it, but your video will still come under the category of Shorts without it. No requirements are demanded in order to create vertical shorts videos. You don’t even require any prior subscribers or views to make a YouTube Short.

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